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"We regret to inform you that most of these rangers either have not be made into good cards or have a single card yet. We apologize, and hope you'll enjoy our Red Megaforce Ranger with no effect #45. Xoxo" - Bandai R&D

“We regret to inform you that most of these rangers do not have good cards based on them. We apologize, and hope you’ll enjoy our ‘Red Megaforce Ranger with no effect #45.’ Xoxo” – Bandai R&D

The only deck in the game that ever gets real support.

This is a theory build.

Cost 3s: 5

3 Red Samurai Ranger (Shark Attack Mode) [1-086]

2 Red Dragon Fire Mystic Force Ranger [2-100]

Cost 2s: 4

3 Red Super Samurai Ranger [1-085]

1 Red Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode) [2-101]

Cost 1s: 8

3 Red Samurai Ranger [1-100]

2 Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren) [2-013]

3 Red Wild Force Ranger [4-068]

Cost 0s: 15

3 Red Samurai Ranger [2-012]

2 Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger [2-044]

2 Red SPD Ranger [P-068]

3 Red Mystic Force Ranger [2-072]

2 Red Overdrive Ranger [4-031]

3 Red RPM Ranger [3-020]

Overdrive recycles Shark Mode/Super Sam, RPM puts cards in the Training Area to be used for future battles/reused with LR later, SPD brings out the big stuff, and all the Samurai stuff are targets for Super Sam.

Deck would suck in a mirror match with a good build.

Now, if Bandai releases Red Battlezord/Red Dragon Thunderzord/Red Lionzord, we might have a Zord that’s playable. MIGHT…


This is a new card to be released in the next set, Universe of Hope, and it has the chance to make Forever Red deck even more insane.

When you win a battle, your cards are supposed to go to the Discard Area. But, this card, at the cost of discarding it, allows to drop them in the Training Area. So? You know what cards benefit from this?

1-086 1-085
Not only are these two cards are easy to summon and have a chance to hit over anything, but with RPM Red, when they win, your Training Zone gets two free cards on top of hitting for massive damage on the opponent (the second card is whatever SAM/SS was played on top of.)

But, it gets crazier.

Now, this card becomes more consistent. Whether you win or lose, RPM Red puts Shark Attack/Super Samurai into the Training Zone, and this allows you to swap it with any card in the Training Area to use again next turn, AND now you have 2 cards in the Training Zone to support it now, including this card which has ALLY, which gives +2 to Judgment.

So, you get 2 Shark Attack Modes in a row with little loss in hand advantage (4 cards lost from hand, provided the card you used for Shark Attack/Super Sam with a Cost 0.)

The new Red RPM Ranger is insane.